Is this the greatest post in the world?

You may need a bit of background to properly appreciate this post. You see, long long ago on a blog very close to this one, for no apparent reason I started a running joke.

Now, you can probably tell that popular songs of the day included the "classic"* Bootylicious.

Never one to let a joke die before the dead horse had been beaten into hamburger, I referenced that joke on occasion, even to the point where it crossed over with another running joke.

When students performed pranks, I was there to help out. Talking about ex-co-workers was a chance to bring it up, discussions on language, and indeed, it became so all-consuming there was even talk of a movie.

In fact, this subject is so great it single-handed redeemed the almost unwatchable Wall-E simply bny including a single visual spork joke.

But as great as those (and to be honest, many, many, many, many other) uses of the joke, a discovery has recently been made which might be even greater.

Be warned; By reading this sentence, you hold me blameness for any damage done to you if you open the following link. However, simply posting this link obviously means I have the undisputable, unassailable position of posessing the single greatest blog of all time.

* some interpret the word "classic" to mean banal, insipid, or worthy of serious mocking


Riot Kitty said...

I think I got lost somewhere. Would you like a spanking?

Robert Tres said...

Sporks on a plane

Count Sporkula cereal

8 sporks in a duffel bag

SPORK by Dan Brown. A catholic conspiracy.

Latest Jackson Pollock painting: SporK$

I'm really sorry for all that.

Fullur said...

:( The link aint workin for me. I thought you would find it funny though. :)

Darth Weasel said...

rk, it was a link to a Titanium Spork which, as Fullur points now dead :-(. Thus reducing this to the "former greatest blog post in the world"
and Mr. RK, no need to be sorry...good comments