Sam Adams continues to show he is an idiot

This world is full of people who ain't too bright.

A surprisingly large number of them are in public office. Portland, not satisfied with the embarrassments that were people like Bud Clark...the mayor perhaps best remembered for his "brilliant" phrase to commemorate Portland Trailblazer on-court success...

It was so brilliant you have probably (fortunately) forgotten it until I take the ice pick to your skull by repeating it..."Whoop! Hoop!"

Sadly, I dream for the days when the Penny Harrington-firing buffoon was in office now that we are subjected to the even more banal orchestrations of sodomite tax-stealing Sam Adams.

Now, on the one hand, Adams has nothing to do with the attempted bombing of Pioneer Courthouse Square at the tree lighting ceremony.

On the other, his quote about it is something I find so offensive, reprehensible, abusive, and flat out outright lie...that I feel compelled to bring it up.

"Otherwise, as the biggest racial group in Portland, we European-Americans would be in deep trouble."

Quick, by show of many of us were born in Europe?

Lets take it back a step; How many of us had grandparents born in Europe? Great Grandparents? Great-great....well, you get the point.

I can trace my genealogy back on both sides several generations without coming across anyone not born in...wait for it...the United States.

I have no British or German or French or Austrian or Latvian heritage.

Not that there is not some of that blood in the line at various points. Irish, Norwegian are the most prominent...though a couple generations removed and via people NOT from those countries.

No, Mr. Adams, the vast majority of us are, in fact, not "European" in any way, shape or form.

Studying a culture does not make us into that thing...if it did I would be Chiricahua, Nez Perce, with bits of Spanish, Canadian, Mexican, Irish, Italian, Scottish...the list could go on for pages.

Have skin pigmentation does not make us into some broad continental association, by the way, that is not always clear. Is Russia part of Europe? Not even Russia knows...sometimes they have been, sometimes not.

Adams continues to show his pandering in his perpetration of a lie spread by the oft-cited "establishment"...the school system, government, the talking heads in psychological fields, the people who keep forcing racism on non-racists by creating definitions and then insisting they are true despite all evidence to the contrary.

They could be evolutionists if they tried a little less.

Citing a falsehood does not make it true, Adams. Joining the cries of political correctness might make you popular with the sheeple who follow the loudest bleatings...and who are occasionally even correct...but you need to do some thinking on your own.

I think that is what irks me even more than his ignorant, racist, hate speech is that I could have almost predicted what non-sensical bit of psycho-babble drivel he would spew.

Enough already. I think he did the me looking forward to the next election so I can vote against him (again).


Riot Kitty said...

He is not the brightest crayon in the box, that's for sure.

G said...

Sheeple....haven't heard that phrase since I left the chat rooms several months ago.

Out of curiousity, is this guy white?

If so, it would explain the rationale behind him inserting his entire leg into his mouth and giving himself a shin massage.