Well done, Goose

So many times in her scholastic career, the Goose would call saying she did not think she could do it.

I tried to be supportive...telling her as long as she did the work and did her best, she would do fine, stuff like that...but I do not know how much help I was.

Lets face it...nursing school is tough. Do it in an accelerated program at a high-level institution and it is all the more difficult.

She stayed in there, did the work, did the research, put in the study hours, worked at it, worked at it, worked at it.

Today she told me her aggregate grade for the nursing classes.

North of 90%. I will not say how far north because that is for her to decide if she wants to reveal it..but this is not one of those "less than 10 dollars...only 9.99" nonsensical things. It is actually north of 90%.

Personally, I find that a very high level of achievement, particularly when you take into account all the sacrifices made to get there..time apart from our loved ones, that being not the least.

I cannot truly put into words how proud I am of her for staying the course, finishing the program, making the honor society and getting such excellent grades.

I love you Goose. Way to go!


Riot Kitty said...

Awww! Congrats to her!

Jazzie Casas said...


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