At the risk of sounding proud...

Years ago I began work on a trilogy. I have the entire story arc written in my head...I know the ultimate tragedies and triumphs each character must experience.

I know the sense of loss they will feel and the sense of accomplishment. Their mightiest deeds and worst mistakes are all there, waiting to be put on (virtual) paper.

I have worked on it sporadically for years. Probably five years, to be exact. The problem is...sometimes other things get in the way and I go days, weeks, or even months between sitting down at the keyboard to work on it.

But today I crossed a very important symbolic threshold.

I put onto (virtual) paper my 100,000th word.

The story is moving apace, closing in on the hopefully epic and fulfilling conclusion to the first portion.

All the pieces are in place.

My battles with the characters, won and lost, have resulted in a tale I am so far exceedingly happy with, although I admit much of the dialogue is clunky and stilted, in need of cleaning up.

But the basic story...I think it is excellent.

Oh, sure, there have been problems. The trio who had to go north to get to the location the conclusion was supposed to happen in decided to go south...the exact opposite direction.

The foursome who were to provide the epic challenge to one key villain saw one of their number fall unexpectedly and even in what could be considered less than epic fashion.

But when I gave in and let them do those things, the story got better. So maybe they know something I do not.

The hope here is I am so motivated by the progress that i spend hours working on it over the next few weeks and finish it off. Lets all hold our breath to see if it happens...


Riot Kitty said...

Felicidades! Let me know when I can read it. I'm sure Mr. RK would be interested, too.

G said...

Virtual paper?

I's confused.

Darth Weasel said...

Riot Kitty, I am going to try real hard to finish it on my upcoming TN trip and will forward you the rough draft.

When I do, though, i ask it very critically. It needs a lot of sharpening up.

G...virtual paper is simply I have it on a couple of flash drives (in case on gets corrupted) and a couple computers.

Multiple redundancies because back when I was writing it by hand I lost over 100 pages and since then I lost a flash drive and another 50ish pages. grr.

G said... I understand. I have multiple versions of my latest book as well.

1) Two versions on the computer (clean and unclean)

2) Two versions backed up on Norton.

3) Two versions on floppies (yeah, I'm really dating myself.

4) Two paper copies of clean version.

And I'm sure R will read it with a very critical eye. She did with mine and I will always appreciate the critical comments and suggestions that she on it.