Lets get a few "full disclosure" statements out there before we get into the heart of this post.

1) I often enjoy a good football game. At times that includes college football. It entertains me.

2) I think the bowl system is a joke when it comes to determining a National Champion. I do believe a playoff would be a positive step. And the money would probably get even bigger.

3) When it comes to the Constitution, I am pretty close to a strict constructionist. I find many things done by our Federal Government over the last 200+ years to be actions that are themselves unconstitutional as well as being immoral, intrusive, expensive, and downright wrong.

Okay, so now time to draw it all together.

We have a nation in lots of trouble. Just this morning I read news stories on "the need to outlaw child abuse in schools", yet another obamanible addition to the out of control regression....err, stimulus package, the danger of Facebook privacy settings allowing your info to be shared with people you do not want to have it, yet another breach of the ridiculous "Homeland security" screening procedures, and scariest of all, some idiot wondering why we have not heard from Paris Hilton lately.

Open memo to that writer; let sleeping dogs lie. The world is a much better place without constant "news" stories of some spoiled brats' adventures in wearing massively oversize sunglasses and carrying some poor dog in a purse.

I would argue that many of these things need dealt with.

Child abuse is a sensitive issue that people really have no clue about. Frankly, from what I have seen, the real abuse of kids is never teaching them discipline and self-control which then results in tragic situations like the one the California rep who wrote the piece had as their centerpiece.

There is no doubt kids are out of control these days, and the majority of the reason is the new age thought process that says you teach kids by reasoning with them, as if they had adult faculties and sensibilities.

The stimulus package has proven every bit as destructive as his idol, FDR's programs have continued to be. For example, the "Cash for Clunkers" program actually cost the buyers money as the tax they paid on it actually cost them more than the fuel savings! Yet we still have to be taxed to pay for it. And don't get me started on the appliances version of it, nor many other pork portions of the disastrous bill. Expanding it? Please do not. Enough damage has been done already.

Privacy is a huge problem online already and Facebook is really bad for it. If you do not understand that, you probably also answer spam e-mails with your bank information and pretty much deserve the destruction of your bank account and credit rating that follows immediately.

The Homeland Security airport screening procedures are a joke anyway. They are nothing more than a panacea to convince weak-minded sheeple they are protected. I once read several articles about a guy who wanted to demonstrate how bad they were, so he managed to fly cross country with alternatively fake and no identification, with a prohibited liquid. He made it with no problems.

That was a reporter. Imagine a sophisticated moron intent on destruction. His superior resources and motivation will easily allow him to circumvent the rather modest "security" measures of planting a bunch of people around and having them take off their shoes and belts.

With all these problems going on in the world today, and more...the Arab/Palestinian/Jewish thing, the North Koreans, Iranians, Americans, and other war-mongers running around making it dangerous for everyone, battles over global warming;myth, over-rated, or a genuine need for conservation irrespective of the validity of the claims, and so forth, what does Congress have time for?

It shames me to share the last name with Joe, because his idea that Congress needs to declare that college football needs a playoff is somewhere between ridiculous and so beyond the pale that even giving it credibility by mentioning it is a sad moment in my life.

You read that right. He wants to legislate a college football playoff.

And people ask why I virtually never vote for any member of either major party. Several reasons.

1) they are more suspect morally, legally, and intellectually than any other class of people in this nation. That includes the people already in prisons, many of whom are less deserving of being there than the clowns in our Congress.

2) On those rare occasions when you find that one representative who is different, who actually is honest, full of integrity, and working for the people instead of against them, either A) he has not been caught yet or B) he was never elected in the first place or C) you are reading a fictional book.

I think it was Will Rogers who said something along the lines of "If "con" is against then is Congress the opposite of Progress?"

So thanks, Joe Barton, thanks for wasting our time, resources and energy.

Although it sounds sarcastic, I am actually serious. If you were not wasting time on stuff the Federal Government has neither the responsibility nor the right to interfere in, you would be busy making our life worse with other pointless laws that vastly exceed the authority granted to the Federal governments.

In a sense, the worst President in U.S. history was Abraham Lincoln, who illegally forced states to maintain forced membership in something they entered voluntarily. And now look how we suffer.

On the bright side, if we can keep Congress seeking legislation of college football or playing golf or screwing their aides they will have less time to screw the rest of us.


Riot Kitty said...

That last paragraph is a very good point!

Fullur said...

Amen to the last paragraph.

Interesting that you mention that about Lincoln. I was thinking that exact thing just a little while ago.

It is interesting how the people who have brought about some of the best things have done things I cannot support. i.e. Lincoln's illegal suspension of Haveus Corpus (sp?) and debatable-at-best (as far as having any legal authority to issue it) declaration freeing the slaves, the founding fathers engaging in war (an action I do not believe Christians can engage in) bringing about the greatest nation with the most freedom in history. (Drew would probably argue that the prior inhabitants of the land were probably freer, but I refer more to static nations with - however poorly - defined borders.) It is odd.