Why "deserve"?

Was thinking about this the other day, and came up with a really half-baked thought.

If Christmas is "the season of giving" and at the same time, if gifts depend on "deserve"...i.e., Santa knows if you've been bad or good (and if bad, Santa probably wants to give you a spanking. In fact, even if you were good, if you are a comely young lass with a smokin' hot carcass, he probably still wants to...and no, in that case, I do not want a spanking. Maybe if it was MISSES Clause...) and decides the appropriate gift based on that, how do the two concepts relate?

Should behavior actually have anything to do with the gifts received?

Why do you have to "deserve" a gift? Is not the whole concept of a gift to give someone something without expectation of value in return? But if the gift depends on their behavior, at what point does it cease being a gift and start being a bribe?

By the way, I can be bribed...so send large gifts my way. I have been bad or good so whichever gets me the larger bribe...err, gift, that is what I was.

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Riot Kitty said...

LMAO! Let's connect when I'm back in town.