It is a sign

So on our way to the golf show this morning we were driving up Barbur Blvd. For those not from Portland, Barbur Blvd is a very classy street; first you have Fantasy Video, a superstore of porn.

Further along there was a srip club. Next door to the strip club, and I wish I was making this up, down in a hole is a "24 hour nude modeling" store.

And the next building is a scuba diving store...apparently, the best place to locate a scuba diving store to attract your clientele is on trash row...and on the side of the scuba building is their logo which I shall shortly relate.

So here is the order;

Strip club.
Nude Modeling Show.
"Dive beneath the surface"

Just sayin'


Riot Kitty said...

No! Seriously? Bwahahahaha!

(What do they model in the nude store? Just curious ;)

G said...

Reminds me of when Gold's Gentleman's Club would advertise their summertime "car wash", which was located directly across from the Post Office and just down the road from McDonald's.

Darth Weasel said...

RK, they model clippers...

Ooh, that was nasty, sorry.

Stop in for a wash, a letter, and some grease. I like it G