Time to deal with the least romantic day of the year

Valentines Day is a travesty. It is probably the least romantic day of the year...worse than anniversaries, birthdays, or nude pigeon play outings.

Lets face it...at least a birthday and anniversary are a day with special significance for you and a handful of other people. V-day is just everyone.

And all three are examples of "forced tokens of affection."

Honestly, for my money, a dozen flowers on May 23rd or September 5th for no apparent reason other than appreciating having the loved one to share your life with mean more than a 10 carat ring on an anniversary or chocolates and dinner on V-day.

because lets face it...the three aforementioned days are the days when said tokens are not just anticipated and expected, they are required and as often as not selected for you.

Not that there is not or can not be meaning in the gesture...but there sure seems to be a lot more meaning in a gesture done out of pure love for the other than one prescribed by society at large.

Does not mean I do not love my wife any less if I do not think this day is "more special"...just means I love the look in her eyes when on some random Thursday I pick up flowers at lunch to surprise her with much more than I like the one she gets when she gets what she gets to get on the day to get something.

I cannot top that last sentence so happy V-D all, including fellow cynics.

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Riot Kitty said...

Happy V-D to all? BWAHAHAHA!