Yeah, I went there. Raquetball sex joke approaching

I am sometimes accused of being a very bright, mature individual. I am highly offended by that. I am not, was not, will not be mature. I love movies like Despicable Me far too much.

Well, today being Black Friday, I did what most bitter-sweet, radalicious super cool immature Americans do...I went to the gym. Got in an extra long workout including looking at a couple new machines. The little lady wants a Wii and a blue one at that...insert your own water-related Wii/wee joke here. I am saving my tastelessness for one spectacular explosion. And remember that word...

Well, the Game Stop by the gym had 2 customers including me and 3 staff. But despite my asking them three times if they had a specific game and saying I could not find it, they would not help me look for it even though they claimed to have it in stock.

On a note completely unrelated to that craptacular customer service, I did not purchase the Wii I had in my hands.

So I decided to swing by Performance Bike. On my way there, I noticed the parking lot at Best Buy was not packed so I stopped in. They were out of any color Wii. But in the same complex is a Sports Authority or Big Five, or some chain sporting goods store.

Time for an aside. Since Oregon has started its rainy season and we will see rain for the next 9 or 10 straight months, tennis season is done. So a couple people I know who are also Ballys members have agreed to play some racquetball with me. That is why I went to S.A.

Well, they had a nice wall of rackets. My intention was to get a cheap 15 dollar racket, a can of balls and call it good.

Another aside, this for those who do not know my current situation and to get in a cheap joke. Until March or later, my wife is working in Nebraska.

Sure enough, I found some racquetball balls cheap. So I was walking around the store with a couple cans.

Not knowing too much about racquetball equipment, I asked the pretty young associate what she would recommend.

She went to the wall and found a tremendous deal and recommended that one. So yeah, right there as I was standing in the middle of the store with my blue balls in my hand she gave me Head.


Riot Kitty said...

*Groan* OK you win. But my condom story is still priceless.

G said...

Oh boy.

Dude yeah, this makes sense, a 46 year old using the word Dude.....dang, I can't think of anything else to say.

I's speechless.