Hey B...you are really fast food and thanks for nothing, you twits

So the self-conscious elitist fast-food joint next to my place has a signboard. Oh, they do not think of themself as fast food. They charge 9 or 10 bucks for fish and chips that are fish patties drpped in oil. They charge 6 bucks for a turkey burger. (8 bucks at Red Robin, by the way...and about 20 times better tasting at least. I tried one of the fast food turkey burgers and about puked. Horrific. And expensive. ) They like to think they are a sit down restaurant with sit down prices and fast-food times and quality.

Back to the sign board. It has cost them some business from me.

For example, when they put up stuff I find highly offensive...like their "omg" text speak...I spend my food dollars elsewhere at a minimum until they take it down. I would much rather hear a dozen f-bombs and find that much less objectionable on every level.

In a way, they topped themself. They recently said sopmething along the lines of, "Help a veteran, for every (sweet potato fry?) sold, we will donate .25 to the Salvation Army."

Really? Idiots.

News flash from those of us with functioning brain cells. Donating to Goodwill helps vets as much as donating to Salvation Army.

the Salvation Army, since you seem unaware of this, is NOT, I repeat NOT a real army. And veterans have no connection for it.

This has been a free service offered whoever the tool is who came up with that sign.

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Riot Kitty said...

No way! Seriously? That is too much.