Yeah...I rock

We had a work party tonight for the holidays. Traditionally I have been extremely shy about going to functions like these.

Honestly, just because I WORK with someone does not mean I wish to HANG OUT with them.

Of course, there are exceptions...I really enjoyed my golf outings with the people I worked with at my former employer, for example.

But for the most part when I am not actually working, there are people I would rather hang out with on my own time.

With the new job I have consciously and deliberately been trying to change that...interacting more on a personal level, learning about the people as people instead of just co-workers.

So even though the Goose is in Nebraska still, I went to the party.

It was great. I was talking to one guy, making a few smart-aleck remarks as I am wont to do, and after a few minutes of joking around and laughing together, I asked if he was with our company or was there as the guest of one of the workers.

To which he replied, "Oh, I am the new CO..."


It would not be so bad if this were a one time occurrence. But see, a few weeks ago, i was about to get on the elevator to head home, another guy was waiting and, me being me, I made a few off-the-cuff smart-aleck remarks as I am obviously adept at.

As we were exiting the elevator, I said my name and asked his...yep, you guessed it...he was the co at the time.

Anyhow, we recently acquired a new company based down south. The two main guys from that branch were here for the party and I spent a while talking to one, getting to know him. During the conversation he gave me one of the finest compliments I have ever received.

You see, I had huge doubts about taking this new position. It involves doing some things I have never done before and I did not know how I would learn to do them. So for the first month, maybe month and a half I was nervous that I would not be good at the job and they might get rid of me.

The longer I am there the better I think I am at the job, and the more confident I am in general. In fact, recently I assessed the market and a major change that is coming. I then wrote a short note to our division, telling them what I think is going to happen and how it should be handled.

This guy had read that and said, "From the outside looking at it, I was thinking, 'This guy really knows his stuff, he is really sharp'".

It is one thing to THINK I am "getting it" and doing a good job. It is another thing entirely to hear something like that unsolicited from someone like that.

I am on cloud nine tonight.


Riot Kitty said...

I do stuff like that all the time! Glad you are enjoying it, you deserve it, and they are lucky to have you.

G said...

Sounds like you're well on your way to becoming irreplaceable. :D