The world's greatest living author

I know many of you have already heard about this...but I cannot stop laughing, so here goes.

While the wife was shopping for a dress for an upcoming wedding...hopefully not hers or mine, but hey, lets keep an open mind...I was idly riffling through a stack of books.

And there I ran across perhaps the single greatest sentence in the history of great sentences.

The author, Pamela Hill, in this book published in 1976, is touted as ""One of the greatest living novelists of high romance and demonic obsession."

Wow. First off, who knew the field of high romance and demonic obsession had enough authors to need ranking as "one of the greatest".

Second, why the need to specify "living"? How many of the best authors of high romance and demonic obsession are dead? Like, maybe they were actually possessed and began writing tremendous tales of high romance and demonic obsession only after they passed beyond?

So many questions have been raised.

Like.."High romance". Are they doing pot? Coke? LSD? Is it being high and romantic that led to getting possessed?

I am just so impressed by this that I am dedicating my life to finding and reading one of her books. And maybe, just maybe, one day I too can be one of the world's best authors in a typical field like stories of sports and farming underwater cabbage.


Scribe said...

I must look her up - I could always use another author of high romance (where's that pot at?!?) and demonic obsession (could that be demonic possession? That would be something else entirely).

G said...

Okay, now your comment that you left on my blog makes sense.

I was a bit confused when you left it, but after reading your post, I'm not so confused.

Time to use that Google search engine thingy.

G said...

Found her.

She started writing in the 1950's and if she's still alive (according to this link she is) she would be about 90.

She does indeed write high romance, which would probably be called "historical romance" in today's parlance.

Riot Kitty said...

"One of" them? As if there is an entire genre with leading novelists of such?

Darth Weasel said...

Scribe, I fully supporty you reading this magnificent work...

and nice find, G. Still do not know I would recommend her efforts, but...

and RK, that is the scariest part. Like, somwhere out there is someone writing better romantic demonic obsession