I am just gonna brag on myself for a moment

Not too long ago I mentioned my fear of change. Though there are things I dislike about my current job...well, current for 2 more days...I never really looked as hard as I could for a new job. Part of that was because I dislike and somewhat fear change.

There is always that little voice in the back of my head that says, "Even though you have done a tremendously good job for 11ish years...what if they figure out you do not know what you are doing?"

Fear of failure can prevent taking chances...like grabbing the brass ring, trying for a job at the edge of my qualifications or taking a job that, even though I feel eminently qualified for, is still new.

So in the past I passed up a couple chances.

And as the day for this new job...which I genuinely believe I will be not just great at, but actually better than they can possibly imagine...approaches, word has gotten out to both current customers and suppliers that I am leaving.

And the outpouring of sentiment has been...well, my head no longer fits through the door. The giant, 20' wide, 20' high warehouse door.

I have been amazed how many customers have come to like me so much they have requested my personal contact info...phone number, e-mail address...and sent messages such as the following:

"Just wanted to say goodbye as I will not be here the rest of the week.   You laughter and jokes and great sense of humor that adds to the fun of our days  will be sorely missed.  I wish you the best on your new adventure and where ever life takes you.  Please keep in touch! "

It feels good to know that I have done such an excellent job that people I interact with solely in a work-based function think of me as a friend.

It is one reason I have, for the first time in my life, complete confidence that a new job will not just be something I do well but be something that is easy for me. Because I can work with people. And they like me.

So, yeah, not really much point to this post except that I have been touched by the appreciation shown by those I have worked with for the last 10 years or so. I am feeling really good right now.


Anonymous said...

YAY honey!!!!!! -EB

G said...

It's a great feeling to be appreciated by those who matter the most.

Riot Kitty said...

You should feel good - and the next job will be even better :)