It's time to meet the tool of the week

It is no big secret I love sports.

I love to golf with friends. I like to play softball and basketball, volleyball, horse-shoes, tennis and more. I enjoy watching the occasional game, a lot of football and of course a ton of basketball.

I have been known to re-watch the same Blazer game 3 or 4 times on occasion. I actually own Blazer gear I have actually paid for not as part of a ticket package but actually set out to pay for that garment.

I love, love, love sports. They are a huge part of my life.

With that said, I believe they are a BALANCED part of my life. I do not play or watch them at the cost of time with my family. I do not spend money needed for food or bills on them. They are a leisure activity that is limited in its role.

Tonight I saw an individual for whom these things may not apply.

He was walking outside of McDonalds on Weidler Street with his guffawing girlfriend. He was wearing a Raider jersey.

Now, for those less in the know about sports than me, the Raiders are a football season. Which ended in February. They are a Southern California based team known more for their rebellious, outlandish, anti-social behavior than for talent.

Associating with the Raiders often has less to do with an affinity for the game of football and the fortunes of the team than it does with proclaiming the bearer to be gangster, an outlaw who scoffs at social conventions.

This guy fit that pattern to a t. He had the teardrop ink on his face which reputedly represents jail time. He was pretty inked up beyond that.

However, I do think he actually IS a fan of the Raiders.

Because he combined his passion for tattoos with his passion for the team and got an Oakland Raider symbol tattoo.

On his cheek.

Thus qualifying himself for our tool of the week. Get a grip, people. Sports are a diversion, not a lifestyle. Just sayin'

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Riot Kitty said...

Ouch. I wonder what people are thinking...maybe not thinking?

He'd better hope they don't move back to LA again!