Goal accomplished

Since my goal was to complete the first edit, I pushed it. I stayed up late. I cut corners on lunch hours.

And in the end...liking my finish more upon re-reading than I did when writing it made all the difference.

Tonight I finished editing my book on the first run-through.

I am still considering a major re-write or two, but for now...it is finished. Over 125,000 words. A lot of blood, sweat, frustration, and ecstasy.

And no matter what happens from here on, I can honestly say...I have written a book. A real, novel length book. Beginning to end.

Tomorrow I will go about getting it ready to send out to my guinea pig readers. But for now...I bask in the glow of accomplishment. I am really, really proud of getting it done by my self-imposed deadline.


G said...

Congrabulations on a job well done.

Patrick said...
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Riot Kitty said...

Oops, that comment deleted was me, I accidentally signed in w/Mr. RK's account.

The comment was "Yahoo!"

I'm sure he feels the same ;)