A snapshot in time

Below are the headlines pulled from Google news at one specific point today. I specify that because the headlines at any given moment vary. They change often over the course of a day. So I copied each individual headline, put it in bold and dropped it in here.

Beyond it are comments of my own, strictly about the headline. Some are meant to be funny...some tragic. Read at your own risk.

Japanese Declare Crisis at level of Chernobyl
Not something I will make light of. There are differences, however.

 In the case of Chernobyl it seems to have been a horrible combination of under trained people manipulating a technology beyond their capabilities. Poorly maintained, it was not only a disaster waiting to happen, it was also a tragedy made worse by the state of the world at the time.

Japan will receive assistance from every corner of the world whereas the time and place of Chernobyl meant they were on an island of their own. This has a lot to do with politics. Yes, I find it sad that people suffer because of politics. But neither Russia nor the US would have had it any other way at that time.

Obama to draw sharp contrast with GOP over budget
This budget crisis has been hysterically funny to watch.

First off, as a tax-payer, the best possible thing that can happen for me is for the Federal government to completely shut down. They waste unbelievable amounts of money, they pass laws they have no business passing and refuse to enforce laws on the books they do not like.

The criminal histories of numerous members of Congress are pretty easy to track down. Their willingness to freeze the wages of those in service while raising their own is illogical, unethical, and indefensible.

Even better was Obama claiming it was the Republicans making it political because they would not compromise their position whereas he was trying to reach across the aisle by not budging from his stance. Hypocrite.

Both parties are guilty of posturing and trying to make political capital instead of doing what is best for the country. Not for their own individual states...for the country.

Where are the Alexander Hamiltons of this age who set aside self-aggrandizement in pursuit of what they believed was best for everyone? Shot down by modern Aaron Burrs I think is a fair assessment.

Charleston Cannons began the bloody Civil War
What a confusing period of history. the South was right about states rights. The North was right about slavery. How to choose between the two? I guess with millions of skeletons.

Hillary calls for cease fire in Libya
Yes, because anyone outside the Clinton household and the goofballs in New York who voted for this tool care.

Except, oddly...I am in agreement with him on this one. Where is the outrage over being in Libya? Oh, that is right...it isn't a Republican in office. Hence the cacophony of demands to get out of Iraq/Afghanistan/close Guantanamo Bay are strangely silent. One suspects protests would be on every corner had Obama lost the election...

Ivory Coast president urges calm after Gbagbo is arrested
Quick. Point to the Ivory Coast on a map.

Right about now someone somewhere is pointing out that most Americans cannot do so as proof of poor education.

Right about now I am pointing out...in the greater scheme of things, there is not a lot of point to knowing where the Ivory Coast is for the vast majority of Americans.

Critics call new French ban of veils "harmful"
Easy fix. If you do not like the law of the land, go to a land where you DO like the law of the land. There is a reason calls are rising for bans of markers of Islam. In this case I think that particular ban seems a bit mis-placed...but the protest should be on those critics.

US Court upholds freeze on Arizona immigration law
Sad that the government spends more effort preventing a state from copying Federal law than it does prosecuting its own law. This failure to support, protect and defend the Constitution is a sad, sad commentary on the current administration.

Mitt Romney opens White House quest for 2012
My jaw just cracked. That was a big yawn.

West Texas Firefighters get assistance from out of state
Someone flew in some rain? We have some in Oregon we could spare for you...

Hunt for Serial killer Turns up More bones along Long Island Beach
because, you know, the best place to search for a serial killer is in the sand. He might be laying low under a bunch of kelp that washed up on the shore.

Friday Lightning Round:Donald Trump, Mideast Violence
Because the call for someone who has repeatedly declared bankruptcy yet remained repulsively rich through a series of clever abuses of loopholes to be our President is exceeded only by the volume of calls for someone with horrific hair whose current claim to fame is a never-ending series of training a stream of losers how to do business his way to tell us how he thinks over a century of warfare can be settled. Next week they turn to Kermit the Frog for his thoughts.

Winklevosses Lose what may be final appeal in Facebook lawsuit
Millions of nerds cry at the wrong done them. They then update their Facebook status with support for the losers.

of the lawsuit, I mean.

Stocks close lower; Alcoa beats by a penny
This is news? Stocks will be lower for the foreseeable future. Just sayin'

Global Crossing to be acquired by Level 3 Communications
So, uh...yeah. If you need to cross the globe, apparently now you can do it as long as you have security clearance of a high enough level.

Gas prices Rise, and Economists seek tipping point
Really, until enough people refuse to pay the prices, the tipping point will not be reached. I am as guilty as anyone. I could easily bike to work every day. But I look out at the chilly temperatures, wet streets, miserable riding weather and decide to suck it up and drive to work.

It is not worth turning a 15 minute drive into an hour and a half bus ride to save fuel. It is not worth a miserable bike ride. It is worth 3 or 4 bucks a day.

Now, on the other hand I do find myself taking voluntary trips far less. I plan my drives carefully. Grocery trips follow church. Going to St. Helens is a rarity.

And at the same time, I heard someone planning a trip to Michigan and choosing to drive instead of fly. Well...whatever I do NOT spend on fuel he will...so...yeah. Gas prices keep rising and, in other news, old folks complain about the young.

Amazon.com Will Sell Kindle Digital Reader With Ads for $114
Others will keep reading real books instead of electronic facsimiles.

Intel Takes on ARM with New 'Oak Trail' Atom Platform

Giants and Dodgers come together in pregame ceremony
Okay, so those idiots who were in the fight  managed to bring peace to two franchises that have hated each other for decades...have fostered hatred between their fans for decades...have celebrated incidents like Sal "The Barber" Maglie taking off the face of the enemy...
and suddenly fans, most likely engaged in dropping f-bombs on each other, discussing the dubious legitimacy of the parentage of the other, likely drunk, get in a fight and now there is peace?
Fan is short for fanatic. Too bad so many fans take that definition to its extreme. Relax, enjoy the game. It is just entertainment.
Heat show tougher skin against Celtics
They chose the right shaving cream.
Tori Spelling announces pregnancy
Fans of good parenting, in an unrelated event, begin crying copious tears.
Kirstie Alley suffers second mishap on Dancing
Everyone Cheers.
Benicio Del Toro having baby with Rod Stewart's daughter
Wow. One of the goofiest looking people walking the earth today getting together to produce a child with one of the worst voices of all time. How could anything go wrong here?
Tenet sues Community health Systems for overcharging Medicare
because, you know, nobody else in the health care system is overcharging. I know of at least three cases where people saved hundreds of dollars by NOT using insurance because of how much the medical care providers charged insurance companies.
One more reason I want the Feds to stay way away from mandating health care coverage. Constitutional violations aside, the government is outright incompetent.
Doctor's Don't Always Take their own advice:survey
Do as I say, not as I do.
Vitamin D protects against age-related vision loss
In other news, people breath air. Seriously, is there ANYONE who does not know properly balancing intake of the various vitamins and minerals will enhance our health?
And, combining with the comment on doctors not taking own advice...how many of us alter our eating to enhance our life?
Grizzlies-Trail blazers preview
Memphis has something to be excited about. I would say the Blazers are going to snap up the 6th seed, but in light of their history with legs, saying "snap" and the Blazers in the same sentence seems to be in poor taste.
"Crash" Wallace lands in Portland and fits right in
Gerald Wallace escaped Charlotte, a team that shows all that is right and all that is wrong with sports at the same time. That city has no business having a team, but instead of folding the franchise, along with several others that are not feasible for various reasons, they keep plugging away trying to make it work when it has now proven twice it does not.
Meanwhile New Orleans shows they cannot support a team but insist on having one even as Sacramento refuses to use public money for a stadium...and rightfully so...leading the team to leave, as is its right, and everyone complains.
There are no heroes here.
Except me. I am a hero. Because I say so.


G said...

Re the federal budget:

It's been a blast watching some of the media outlets, like CNN, twist themselves into a pretzel trying to reconcile what the President said about raising the budget cap, etc. as a senator (didn't want to do it, felt it was wrong) with what he wants to do as a President (does want to do it, feel it is right).

Riot Kitty said...

Bwahahaha! You are so spot on. Thank you for the laughs! I was about to send a link to this post to my good friend G, but I see he beat me to it...

Darth Weasel said...

G, the funniest part is when they claim to be doing so to provide "fair, balanced coverage"///

Rk, glad I could make you laugh.

Hopefully in the near future I will be back to writing on her more frequently.