The epic week of FAIL

Wow, where to start. My goal for the month, that seems like a good place.

I started editing my book early this month with the stated goal of finishing the first edit this month. With one day left...I think it is safe to say that will not be happening. I still have 15% or so left to edit. Fail. But I made a lot of progress, got in some good re-writes. Fail, but just.

As the month proceeded, one day I randomly opened an envelope for my car registration. Renewal is coming up in May.

Except when I opened May I mean March. So I needed to get the registration renewed.

Saturday I was going to St.Helens so it seemed like a great time to stop by the low-volume DMV at Lloyd Center.

My well-known hatred of driving since all the out-of-staters moved here and made our traffic New-York baddish led me to see how much trouble I was in when they turned out to be doing road work. 3 lanes narrowed to 1. I spent about 10 minutes sitting through 4 stoplight changes and moving about 2 car lengths. So now I am steaming.

Finally I get to Lloyd Center, go the DMV and see...they are now closed on Saturdays. Used to be open, but just started closing. Grr. Fail.

Then my wife, when I told her about that, pointed out...I have to take it to DEQ anyway.

So yeah, the extra driving to sit in construction before hitting a closed place was not necessary.

So Monday I made arrangements with my co-workers so I could leave early to hit up the DEQ I know where is. They told me about another one that is closer. I checked the address on the website...and..well...all that extra planning to get to the DEQ was shot down because Portland DEQs are closed on Mondays. Fail.

So today I left 2 hours early for lunch to go that DMV. Fought the ridiculous, over congested traffic on 99 to make a 15 minute drive in just 30 minutes...and in line at the DEQ to get the car tested, opened the glove compartment, pulled out the up to date insurance card...

except it was gone. The card in there expired in 2008. Last time I cleaned it out (also the first time apparently) I must have grabbed the wrong one.

So yeah, without an up to date insurance card...cannot get tested. Another wasted trip.
Epic fail.

Is there ANY doubt whatsoever that on my 4th attempt to perform this very basic task the car will fail their air test?


Riot Kitty said...

Poor Darth! I hope the fourth time's a charm. Maybe you should get someone else to drive the car?

G said...

Here's an epic car fail story for ya:

Registration was to be renewed in February. Mailed it in early January. Cost $85.

So in late January had an oil change plus other assorted goodies done to the car so that I could take to emissions. Cost $150.

Took it through emissions and it failed. Cost $20.

Was one year late on testing. Cost $20.

Had to get the idiot light turned off. Cost $20.

Failed again and had to get the catalytic convertor fixed. Cost $475.

Brought it back to emissions and bedause I didn't take it to where it failed, I couldn't get a free retest. Cost $20.

Total cost to renew the registration on my car: $790.

Holland said...

Go with the flow... resistance is futile...

Darth Weasel said...

RK: It was the charm...but barely. Apparently changing your address with the dmv does not change the address for your CAR....insert eyeroll here.

G, that seems the way of it anytime we get stuck interacting with the government.

Holland, I did...I gave in. Still failed...