Why is the benefit limited?

Saw an add for life insurance. Part of their caveat was "limited benefit for the first two years".

It really got me to thinking. Why two years? Why not five or ten? Or twenty? Honestly, regardless of when I choose to purchase life insurance, the real hope is I will not be using it for many many years.

But I guess for this company, they only want you to live for two years. That is why the benefit of living is only limited that long. After two years, you will start to understand the benefits of being dead.

Like dinner parties.

You do not have to invite anyone, the maggots are already there.

Maggots. The real reason life insurance is limited for the first two years. It takes that long for your dinner guests to arrive.

This sick bit of humor has been brought to you by Necrophiliacs Anonymous. Stop in for a few cold ones.

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Riot Kitty said...

I think you said it...insurance companies would like it if we all croaked. Except for those who have life insurance policies.