A perfect convergence of music and mood

99% of the time when I am in the car I am listening to my I-pod. It is hooked to run through my car stereo and it works just swell.

About once a month I rotate the songs on my I-pod so it is always fresh and does not get tiresome since I only go through the rotation two or three times a month tops.

Currently I have 354 songs on my I-pod. they are a weird mish-mash...the odd Johnny Cash song, a lot of Southern Gospel, some rap, a bit of classical, some hard rock, a bit of classic rock, a little bit of contemporary, some ska, and of course some Weird Al.

On a percentage basis, you are probably 1% likely to stumble on a rap song, 1% a hard rock song, 1% classical, 10% classic rock, 2% "other", 10% Weird Al, 25% ska/new age/pseudo-rap, and 50% southern Gospel.

Most days it is random.

There is a one in 354 chance of having the right song playing today.

And yet...when I got in, started the car, clicked on my I-pod, there it was...Sir Mix A Lot thundering out, "You're Messing with My bad Side".

There were 353 worse choices today. Today...the Ipod got it right.

Talk to you Monday.


Holland said...

It makes me wonder... what would happen if the Ipod did not get it right... 355 other chances in a year?

Riot Kitty said...

Excellent! I didn't know you listened to ska btw.

Darth Weasel said...

Hoklland, who knows? I always have it on shuffle...perhaps there was one other song nearly as good, "the Night Santa Went Crazy" by weird Al...still not as fitting.

Today was better though.

RK...some. Not much. OC Supertones are primary purveyors, though I do also have small amounts of Five Iron Frenzy. Not really my style but...well...I love horns and some rap so it really works for me.