You thank the Academy: I will thank the idiots running this state

Sad sight when I got home today. They have drained the pool. Started breaking up the concrete.

Now, on the one big deal. I did not swim in it even once last year. I do not much care for swimming. So losing the pool I may or may not use even a single time this coming year has very little impact on me.

On the other hand...a lot of people DID use it. Often. It was a very popular feature.

So why are they taking it out you ask?

Oh, didn't ask? No? Not you there in the back? You did not ask either? Anyone? did anyone ask? No?


Well...well I guess I have nothing to write about today then. So never min...what?

Oh, NOW you are asking. Okay. Well then...

Our fine state added some fresh new requirements. These upgrades cost several years worth of maintenance costs to install. And become more onerous. So instead...APA is simply...and rightfully...taking the pool out.

Well done, Oregon.

You raise taxes, cut services, drive businesses away, and to make up for it you add ridiculous, unneeded, idiotic rules that make it so inexpensive apartments cannot afford to keep pools.

Why would we want cheap summer entertainment in a depressed economy?

Why would we want to have a pool?

Open memo to the Oregon governor/legislature; why do you not find something important to do? Something USEFUL. Instead of harming your constituents. Just sayin'


G said...

Of course it makes sense for a state to make it unbearable for their residents to live there.

Cheap and FREE entertainment?

Perish the thought!

Let's make everyone swim at the crowded public (and expensive) beaches and (super expensive) pools.

Holland said...

What a sad development... again a case where people who have little can only enjoy certain pleasures if they pay an arm and a leg, while the taxes of those who have so much will be cut yet again.

Darth Weasel said...

it was done in the name of safety. because, you know, we cannot expect parents to be responsible for their kids. just collect your welfare check, puff that cig and let your kids do what they want. discipline is child abuse, personal responsibility is nauseating, and nanny states rule.