I know you are wondering...

Just what I have been up to. My presence online is so sporadic these days.

Well, for starters, the next couple weeks after a visit with my wife are always a time I really prefer not to be around people much. Nothing against them...I just know I will be a little bit snarly and gnome-like because the difficulties involved in not seeing your loved one every day weasel their way deep inside me where I am a horrible person and convince that side of me it is okay to come out for a while, that I am justified.

Even though the parts closer to the service tell me know, it is not...we made a choice, it is the right choice for us and is building a great future for us and any children we may be blessed with.

But until I can get myself back on track and get past those first few days when the missing her all fresh and anew part so dominates my thoughts, I am just better served to spend lots of time getting my head on straight.

It is so counter-intuitive...but as I posted a few days ago, I have to get used to her not being here again in order to return to happiness.

We spent a few euphoric days hanging out and being us, we will do so again in a month or two.

Meanwhile, i keep thinking I will complete the first book of the trilogy in just a day or three. I am working on the big finale, know exactly what is going to happen, just need to get it on (electronic) paper...but I do not want to write it while in the mindset I have had recently.

So instead I have started work on another book I have had in the back of my head for a couple years. It is still in the easy part...the free-flowing opening where the words come faster than I can type, the characters develop themselves, the plot shapes itself even better than what I had designed...

and I have managed in two weeks to write 10% as much as I have written in two YEARS on the other one.

I do not know if that is good or horrible.

But it is what I have been up to.

well, that, watching Shrek Forever After, Despicable Me, How to Train Your Dragon...over and over and over...loving it.

Almost ready to be a people person again. thanks for your patience.


G said...

Sometimes being anti-social is the only way to becoming social again.

And, I feel your pain about writing.

The second novel I'm writing has so far taken me about three times the amount of time it took me to write the first one (2 1/2 months versus 6 for this one) with only about 50% of the completion rate (149 pages versus 78 for this one).

Riot Kitty said...

You're a better people person than me - I am never a people person. How I got into doing events with 2,000 people, I don't know!