the phrase that pays

There are certain phrases that we apparently can not get enough of.

For example, listen to music for a day. Count the number of songs that say, "in too deep". How deep is too deep? Apparently not very since it is so common for people to get there. Less than 6' I suspect because when you get 6' deep you tend to stop singing.

Which leads me to believe A) very few singers are dead and B) love is shallower than a grave because you can be in too deep and still sing.

Perhaps that is because we do not understand the capabilities of singers, song-writers, or actors. After all, how long has it been since you have heard the phrase, "You have no idea what I am capable of".

Actually, we have a pretty good idea what you are capable of. You can leap somewhere between 2" and 2', reach things 2 shelves above your head, and write repetitive, trite garbage such as...oh, I don't know..."You have no idea what I am capable of".

It is used as a threat. As a hidden promise. As an explicit promise of untapped abilities. What we do know is that we don't know what you can do.

If we did, the paradigm would change. Everything would change because this weeks program changes EVERYTHING.

I cannot count how many shows/political ads/blogs have this as their go-to phrase.

This week, John-boy opens the door to his parents bedroom and EVERYTHING CHANGES.

This summer coming to a theatre near you from the guys who brought you three other movies you found dull or idiotic is the movie that changes everything.

Well, not everything...if your show is so lame that it needs everything changed, I can think of one thing that doesn't; I still ain't watching.

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