I hate you Chips Ahoy

I am a combat shopper when it comes to groceries. Before I step in the store I have virtually every move planned.

Snag the third cart, swing down the first aisle for a bag of chips. Flip to the second aisle for a box of Graham Crackers and wheat tortilla shells. Three aisles over for some taco seasoning. back up the next aisle for brownie mix, swipe a box of cereal from the end cap.

Stop middle of next aisle for cheese, cross over, snag the taco meat, down the baseline for milk and eggs, up to the soda aisle, grab a loaf of bread and I am done. Boom, in, out, 5 minutes, a weeks worth of shopping done.

But then I saw them, there on the end cap.

Chips Ahoy.

Now, normally this is not a big deal. Once every two years I get an urge for some chewy chips ahoy. I get a package, drain it in 2 days and am fine for a couple years. Crunchy Chips Ahoy just do not work for me.

But this time...this time those buzzards sucked me in. They had a new kind.
That is just no fair. No mere mortal can resist those. And I am a mere mortal, despite how many of you feel about me.
I am not going to say I spent more than I intended or picked up something not on my list or anything like that...
But something tells me that package will be empty by Thanksgiving.


Riot Kitty said...

It will last as long as Thanksgiving? Seriously?

I don't care for Chips Ahoy but I'd buy anything with Heath Bar in it. Except mud.

G said...

No problem here, since I is a diabetic.

However, deviled eggs are the bane of my existence.

I can great quantities faster than you can down a bag of Chips Ahoy.

Unless they're made with Miracle Whip.

Then they're just road kill.