Highlighting a golddigger who is brainless to boot

So many fine candidates for this one...the Worlds Ugliest Trophy Wives (aka the Kardashians...wow, talk about some mirror crackers!), the Worlds Most Vacuous Hotel Heiress (Aka French City Hilton...take that how you like), Congress, etc.

But ultimately we come to a person who may have a point...to start with...but quickly degenerates into someone who makes Octomom look like a raging intellectual on par with Albert Einstein.

I speak, of course, of Curtis's female progenitor.

Short version: she alleges her child was slapped by a teacher.

If true...and there is not much debate of the validity...but if true, this is the sort of unacceptable behavior that should be dealt with swiftly with no mincing words. Slapping is not discipline, nor is it within the realm of being justifiable, particularly in a teacher-student relationship.

Teacher-boyfriend role play may be a different story...again, I leave that to you, gentle reader, in the privacy of your home.

But in a teacher-pupil relationship...an absolute and total no-no.

Unfortunately, the demands the mother then sets forth strain the bands of credulity. Check out the letter here.

I love some of them...the 21 day all expenses, 5-star hotel tour of Africa. The concert tickets, new car of her choice, orchestra and lessons for each, having all her utilities paid for the next 9 years, job consulting for 15K a month...for those of you with poor math skills, 180,000/year...

Later, it turns out for anyone to talk to her about it requires a 3k/half hour "appearance fee" for her, and the same for her husband, who must be present...and this fee, PLUS 1K/page apply for written correspondence.

No, I did not type that with a straight face.

Not only that, her trademarked son's name, her name, and her fathers name require a fee to be used in court documents.

By page 28 she is openly demonstrating her own racism that combines with her greed to create one of the most hilarious and simultaneously pathetic documents in recent history.

But page 31 might have the kicker:

"No H.A.A.R.P signal towards KMCO school district neighborhoods and schools to make us confused, crazy, stupid or otherwise alter our brainwaves - ever."

Uh, open memo to the author of that letter...too late.

Things like this put me in a quandary. There are entirely too many people creating racism out of nothing. Like LeBron James claiming the reason people dislike him leaving the Cavaliers for the Heat is because he is not white.

Open memo to LeBron; the reason some of us hate the move is because A) Cleveland has suffered a long time and it would be nice to see a winner, B) you are on tape swearing to bring a Championship to Cleveland before you left, C) the self-centered drivel that was your "The Decision" prime time special was clueless, classless, and dirty, and D) the WAY you left Cleveland, hanging them out to dry, announcing it to everyone else before them...classless and dirty.

William Rhoden, even the TITLE of your book, Forty Million Dollar Slaves, is offensive.

Jesse Jackson has become a punch line because of how out there he has gotten.

Oh, and lest we forget...Barry Bonds, the reason some people dislike you having the home run record has nothing to do with the quantity of melanin your body contains and a lot to do with your antisocial behavior and cheating.

So the female elder of Curtis managed to do something I did not think possible...appreciate the intelligence of Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, the Kardashians, Tila Tequila, Bret Michaels, Al Franken, Palin, Biden, Bush, Jesse Ventura, and a host of others I have long considered the epitome of bad jokes.

Thanks for nothing.


Riot Kitty said...

Wow, what a nutjob. I love how she copyrights his name, too!

G said...

I'm almost afraid to ask how you found this website to begin with.

Against my better judgement (but having you a guide did wonders to calm me down) I checked out the website and I started reading the letter.

Couldn't get pass the opening commentary of the person who posted the letter.

Kid looks normal enough and probably need therapy in a couple of years.

Tell me, would this lady be making such a ruckus if a BLACK or LATINO teach "slapped" her precious doe eyed child?

wigsf3 said...

Every once in a while, something happens (like this incident) that makes me wish for a world where people have to answer a skill testing question before they may breed.

Darth Weasel said...

RK, the copyright is one of my favorite parts. Well, that and...no matter how you respond, in person, by letter, by phone...it costs you her appearance fee!

G, I tend to think the answer is yes...but she would not be able to be AS racist. I am sure then we would have heard about Uncle Tomism.

WIGSF, you are correct. this one would fail...