Behold the power of cheese

We have all been there, so do not sit there acting all superior. This could have been you.

A fine meal at the restaurant. One can only assume much cheese was consumed, as cheese is wont to be at the dining of seafood.*

The problem matter how good the food,Carolee Bildsten simply did not wish to pay. So she departed Joe's Crab Shack without exchanging representations of value for goods and services received.

This is sometimes known as the dine and dash or, by those of us with integrity, as being the south end of a north bound mule. Also known as theft.

There is not a lot to do in Gurnee, Illinois, so Joe's Crab Shack called the police who went to consult with the wayward Bildsten regarding procuring legal tender for the experience experienced in her recent past.

And here is where all of us must identify with Bildsten, who simply did what any reasonable person would do when requested to pay for a seafood meal devoid of cheese-like offerings. Why, if rumor has it, there was not even any cheese-whiz!

When asked to complete the transaction entered when she requested specific items from the menu, Bildsten responded as I am sure most of us assaulting the officer with "a rigid feminine pleasure device."

And you thought Joes CRAB Shack was merely the name of the restaurant, not an advertisement of what could be found within...

*Really? I eat a fair amount of seafood and can pretty much count on zero fingers the number of foods in that department that have had cheese in them. But it is your tell us.

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Riot Kitty said...

That is absolutely hilarious! She should also have been cited for abuse of a vibrator.