Tonya Harding for Oregon Governor Part II

Now, some people believe the previous post contains some things of dubious trustworthiness, that it contains stories that are doubtfully true...why one person* even went so far as to claim they were outright lies.

Which reminds me of politicians. Few and far between** are those who put constituents ahead of self, who are honest, full of integrity. Or, for that matter, exhibit basic intelligence.

Seriously, Al Gore is oft held up as an example of the "wiser politicians of recent memory" remember Gore, the tool who chastises people struggling to get by who think eating at McDonalds is a special night out, he chastises them for their fuel consumption while taking a jet to accept an award.

Seems to me Tonya Harding is highly qualified to be governor of Oregon.

Lets look at the facts.

She saw something she wanted. She worked with what was around her regardless of qualifications, aptitude for the task at hand, or willingness to think ahead.

She formulated a plan. She executed it.

Now, some people would argue it was a bad plan...that clubbing a Kerrigan on the knee coming off the ice in full view of many people did not present the most options for getting away with the crime...

That perhaps the idea to baton a knee cap would have had a higher chance of removing a competitor without removing Tanya from the competition would have had a better chance of success if they had done it elsewhere...

Dark alley. Restaurant. Dressing room. Restroom. NOT in the arena in full view of everyone.

But those people miss the point.

She was just getting ready for a career in politics. Hurting others for her own benefit, destroying lives and careers, engaging in public ludicrous behavior.

I am almost ready to vote for her. There is just one problem.

Comparing her actions to those of politicians...well, she demonstrated to much intelligence to descend to the level of politicians. She is overqualified.

In short...compared to the choices we have for elective public officials, I cannot vote for her because....she is too smart.


** a carefully crafted fiction that should be interpreted "none", though I am sure there is an exception...or was recently...or at least will be in the foreseeable future*** an honest politician of integrity who actually worked for the good of his constituents, even at risk of his career or when it opposed what he personally wanted but realized was best for the people anyway

*** where "foreseeable future" shall be interpreted "before the world ends"

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