Arnold Schwarzeneggers' is better than yours. Really.

You know, we sometimes are not as jealous of other people as we should be. For example, you doubtless are not as jealous of Arnold Schwarzenegger as you should be. that is an unarguable, indisputable, provable fact.

Let me show you what I mean by comparing weeks.

Let's say I am sitting down to make a list of what I need to do today or this week. In no particular order of importance, it might look something like this.

A) Call/e-mail/text the wife.
B) Get out of bed, shave, shower
C) go to work
D) Consume calories via breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
E) Go to church, do my Scripture reading
F) Catch up with friends
G) Write something witty or intriguing for all my blog-reading friends.

But lets compare that to the list Arnold might make in a typical week, for example: while working on True Lies
A) blow stuff up
B) kill lots of bad guys
C) spout off numerous funny one-liners
D) show off the muscles hiding my muscles from view
E) fly a harrier jet
F) hang out with several hot women
G) kill a few more bad guys

Really, is there a comparison? Lets try it again, with a bit more fairness of me having a big week planned.
A) eat a ton of shrimp.
B) play basketball
C) hang out with wife, family, friends
D) go to Blazer game
E) get a haircut
F) get paid by work
G) ride bike

Now, lets look at a week for Arnold, say...while making the forgettable Eraser
A) blow stuff up
B) kill lots of bad guys
C) have numerous hot women hurrying to get unclothed know...
D) show off the muscles hiding his muscles from view
E) kill an alligator
F) spout off several clever lines
G) kill some more bad guys

Like I say, his list makes you jealous.

And just to prove the point, should the mood strike, I might post a few more lists that you will find indisputably, unarguably better than your list of things to do this week.


Riot Kitty said...

Well, considering his week now looks like this:

1) Threaten to pay more state employees minimum wage, while still raking in the bucks
2) Decline to intervene in death row appeals, acting like God
3) Go to bed with Maria Shriver
4) Wake up in Sacramento

Are you still jealous? Oh wait, there was #3...

wigsf said...

For a while I did envy Arnold. Then I saw End of Days. Now I'm glad I'm me.

Darth Weasel said...

ZRK, you are jumping the gun on a future Arnold list... :-)

WIGSF...good point. Of course, he is also responsible for Jingle all the Way and ...well, some so bad they shall not be named here...