I need a volunteer

You see, there is a real problem developing.

An event I have planned for nearly a year is here.

I have planned my strategy. Adjusted it. Altered it, tweaked it, perfected it.

I know the moves to make, the order to make them in. the plan is perfect.

I shall blow well past the efforts of last year and the year before.

The problem is...my partner in crime is in Washington DC with no current plans to return in time to partake.

Whatever will I do? The world will be a much inferior place if I cannot top last years 10 plate shrimp feast... so who is up for shrimpfest 2010?


Robert Tres said...

I applaud your efforts to eradicate the multiplying minions of King Shrimp. I would assist you but I have an aversion to seafood.

Don't think that I am a slacker, I do my part in the fight against sea life. After showering I am usually asked "Is there any water left for the fishes?" I reply "I hope not!"

Riot Kitty said...

I'm pulling the vegetarian card here...although there are so many people who say, "I'm a vegetarian, except I eat (insert animal here)" that I can probably find someone for you.

Darth Weasel said...

you guys are so funny.

Mr. Rk, lets def do that ride thing...

and Mrs. RK, we still need to do your bday thing...soon...