The annual assault on good taste and health

On the dark side, my partner in crime, Ironman Al, was not able to be there.

On the bright side, by taking some customers, my company ended up paying for it.

You have heard me brag? whine? about it before...SHRIMPFEST.

It started order of Shrimp Scampi and a hand breaded.

But this year there was something different...instead of two of us, there were four. So the waiter began double-dipping so to speak..bringing large plates of one type shrimp for us to all share and individual servings of other types.

So round two, I had two or three handfuls of breaded shrimp + some sort of skewered fried shrimp.

Round three was Parmesan shrimp and another scampi.

Round four was another breaded and another Parmesan.

Round five was another scampi and another Parmesan.

At this point I was happy...I had matched my sad ten-plate intake from last year. It was a free-roll from here on.

Another Parmesan and another fried.

half a Parmesan and half a was sitting there, SOMEONE had to eat it!

A popcorn and another scampi.

Another Parmesan and another popcorn.

And finished off with a final popcorn and final scampi for a personal best 17 identifiable plates, plus some miscellaneous grabs at community plates.

Finally, I feel like I have held up my end of devastating things.

Line of the night (at which point one guy had finished eating and left for home, one had slowed way down and two of us were still crushing it)

Waiter: "How you guys doing here?"

Me: "Just getting warmed up."

Mr. T : "He is trying to beat his record of 13*"

Waiter: "Yes, he eclipsed that last trip."

Which indicates to me they were keeping tally.

So yes, this year Shrimpfest was an epic success. I expanded my palate to include the Parmesan shrimp and the fried shrimp, kept up my consumption of scampi which was new to me last year, and maintained soda and biscuit discipline to allow maximum shrimp carnage.

The ocean is a little shallower today...

* my actual record was 12...but whose counting? Oh...right....


Riot Kitty said...

A *little* shallower? LOL! Work it off with a bike ride ;)

G said...

I remember thos fun filled days of yesteryear.

Sadly, they got me to where I am today.