Somebody will not like it

The irony never needed to be complicated like this.

From the very beginning, I knew what I wanted. I knew what would work best in the long run for...well...everyone.

But sometimes, you have to make choices based on what is important to others.

But when what was once a clear, obvious choice becomes entwined with too many cooks stirring the pot, the soup gets interesting. Sometimes it still works...sometimes it doesn't.

So ultimately, in my wish to acquiesce to the desires of others, I made a choice I did not want to make...and then that caused problems, too, even though I was doing the very thing i did not want to do.

And after discussion, then things changed again...only now there were more people involved and now there are more people with a stake in the outcome...

And the probable outcome changed.

So if it goes one way, some people will be happy, some disappointed, and maybe even some people a little hurt.

But if it goes the other way, some people will be happy, some disappointed, and definitely some people (including me) a little hurt...

Even though both ways will work fine.

But one works much better for me.

And is currently the way it looks like things will go...which if they had gone that way at first instead of having gone through the twists and turns would not have upset anybody, but now it will even though it shouldn't and was what should have been from the very beginning.

So now it is going to be less fun that it should have been and not accomplish everything it should of...and all because I tried to do things in a way that made others happy at the expense of a little happiness for myself.

Sometimes I wonder if I should be a bit more demanding of what I want.

But then I realize...if I were to do that, I would not stop and would be less likable.


Riot Kitty said...

Personally, I think you give in too much to what is good for others, rather than what is reasonable for you. But that's my two cents!

G said...

Sometimes its best to just do what you're capable of and not doing anything beyond that.

To be selfish every once in a while is to be at peace with ones self.

Darth Weasel said...

yeah, I started working the "do what works for me" thing today..I have to say, i think it makes things worse. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I think you should do what works for you. Put yourself first since it seems people in your life seem to put themselves first. It won't make anything worse and maybe you will be more happy.

Clearly there was miscommunication and I take part of that blame. I need to work on not changing my mind a million times and on letting you know when I do change it so you can at least know what I am thinking..even if you disagree. It seems your desire to make me happy caused you and others pain. I'm sorry for that. Clearly I complicated a whole bunch. In the future, I fully plan on staying out of these matters and you can decide what is best for you.

- Goose