Well...that was in interesting tradeoff

If you follow the links to the left, you will know I am a big geek. I love war games.

The problem is...there are times it gets a bit overwhelming.

Trying to move mass numbers of models around the table can be a bit daunting. So I decided to make movement trays and magnetize them.

So I have been looking for a good source for the right magnets. A while ago I bought some from Tammie's Hobbies in Beaverton and then left them in the car.

Today traffic was...well, a polite word would be brutal. So as i was tooling along at breakneck speeds ranging from 0 to 6 or even 7 mph, I pulled out these magnets and started playing with them.

If you have ever had 50 tiny but powerful magnets, you have done the same. They are fun...pulling into different shapes, then snapping back to where they started. Good fun, good times.
Unless you flip half of them down beside the seat where, being very powerful magnets, they promptly latch onto the steel frame of your seat...good luck getting those loose!

So when I got home a mere hour and a half after leaving work (it takes me about 30 minutes to get TO work...) I started looking for them.

And looking. Rolling my seat forward, looking. Rolling it back, looking.

Never did find them...but I DID find my voice recorder that I lost almost a year ago.

This is more exciting than it seems. I had hour upon hour of vocal work for a series of songs I had been working on that had all been lost, never (I thought) to be recovered...and now I have them again!

So yeah...I will trade 5 bucks worth of magnets for a priceless record of work I had done...too bad in my looking I snapped off the level sensor for the seat...


Riot Kitty said...

LOL! Sorry, I needed that laugh. Hope your seat is fixable.

G said...

At least you found something worthwhile, as opposed to something gross, nasty and disgusting.

Darth Weasel said...

Is all good, RKI...was designed to draw a laugh.

And G, I have to admit...it has been a great hobby as a large percentage of my friends also enjoy it. As I age, there are fewer and fewer things we all enjoy