As the move approaches...

Weird. For someone who hates moving as much as I do, I seem to do it a lot. I think I have lived in eight different places by a quick off the top of my head count. Saturday will be the ninth.

And this one comes with a virtual assured certainty that it will require another move when the Goose finishes school and gets a job, though that move could be anywhere from 6 months to a few years in the future...

And yes, that uncertainty is a bit difficult to live with.

I am definitely in a comfort zone here in Portland. My Dad, brothers and their wives are less than 40 miles away. A large portion of my extended family on both Mom and Dad's sides are also in the Portland metro area or an easy drive close to it. So are the vast majority of my friends.

I know the highways and byways...but also a lot of the back roads and hidden treasures of the area.

In some ways I am excited about the move. Being 10 minutes by car or 30 by bike from work is very cool, particularly compared to the 45 minute to hour and a half drive home currently.

At the same time, it requires a certain resettling. I am a person who likes my routine.

I like my monthly Warhammer and poker games. I like going home after work and working on my models or playing the guitar or writing a bit.

I like knowing that as often as not I have some friends who are available at a minutes notice get together...though i also have friends who are more into a planning type of get-together.

I am just waiting for the first time I get lazy, drive to work...and on the way home, I head HOME, not to the apartment. About the time I get locked into traffic it will hit me...I am an idiot.

Of course, there have been some...uh...stresses, including some that sort of blind-sided me.

It reminds me that I am not the only person set in my ways. And it makes me nervous because it showed sides to certain relationships that were unanticipated, and not as fun as they might have been... :-)

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G said...

Good luck on wherever it is that you're moving to.