The tag line at the end of the e-mail

You now have two choices:1. Delete this; OR 2. Forward it to the
people you care about.You know the choice I made. Thank you for
reading this. May God Bless you today, tomorrow and always. If God
didn't have a purpose for us, we wouldn't be here!

Every so often, I see some phrase about like this at the end of an email. Usually the email in question is a "heart warmer" or a "I sent this to all my friends" type thing.

Which really makes me wonder...Are people really so egotistical that, when they create a "nice" email, they want hundreds of people they will never speak to or even know read it feel guilted into passing on their piece?

To be sure, I do enjoy many of the pieces and even pass them on from time to time when the mood strikes me, though the passing is sporadic.

But there are also times I do not pass them on specifically because it feels like emotional blackmail.

"Pass this tear-jerker on or go down in history as a puppy punter."

I am just curious what their motivation is?


Riot Kitty said...

You know what? I *hate* getting e-mails like that! Anything that even remotely resembles that I delete.

Fullur said...

@riot kitty

Puppy Punter ;-)