Some days rock...others not so much

yesterday after work had a very enjoyable ride with the Fantastic mr., with Mr. Riot Kitty.

Just as we concluded our ride, he pointed out my back tire was low. This did not bother me overly much (even though I had pumped up the tires at lunch) because I thought it just LOOKED low because I still weigh....well, actually, I am UP to 236 tonight. So I guess it was worse than I thought.

Anyway, took the Max across town to home, got off at 174th street, got on the bike....and discovered the back tire was not just low, it was flat.

used my handy traveling pump to air it up, rode home.

Fought to get up this morning, finally made it, took the max to work.

had lots of plans for tonight.

Work when you have not enough people to handle the volume of work.

Home trip went relatively smoothly. I missed my stop, but extra 6 blocks of walking is no big deal. Bummed that my I-pod burned an entire charge in three songs...but whatever. I can walk without music.

Unless, of course, your plantar fasciitis is acting up in one foot and the other foot hurts even worse.

Got home, went to pull off the bike tire to take to the shop to get fixed. Finally, after about 45 minutes of struggling with their "quick release" lever, I called them, they walked me through it.

About this time I discovered I had left my keys at work. Fortunately, we have an extra set of car keys.

So I hauled the tire out front to drive to the bike shop...only to discover my car was gone.

Then I remembered I drove to the park and ride this morning because I got up late. So another mile walk, this time hauling the bike tire.

And I kept hauling it in my left hand from habit.

But my rotator cuff has been acting up lately.

So now I am tired, hot, hungry, both feet and my left arm hurt and I am extremely frustrated (taking the tire off should have been about a 30 second job).

Get to the bike shop in time, there is a huge line, but they get me taken care of. Out of frustration I make an impulse purchase of a floor I needed but had decided to put off until July.

Went next door to Target since there was no way at this hour of the night I was doing the grocery shopping that was part of the agenda for the night, but I have to have SOMETHING to eat tomorrow.

Got home, went to put the tire on.

Hard enough as is.

Even more difficult because Bella insisted on playing ball, and even though I was not making any progress on the tire, it was irritating to have to stop getting flummoxed every minute and a half to throw the ball.

And even more frustrating that almost an hour later I was still trying to perform the two step process to get the tire back on the bike so I can ride to work tomorrow.

I get extremely frustrated when I am unable to perform basic mechanical tasks. I just want to give a primal scream of rage and frustration.

And the more frustrated I get, the harder it is to accomplish anything.

I already think I tried the "best" way...that is why I tried it first. And any other way is therefore inferior to the best way and clearly, if the best way did not work, then method B will not work either.

And as each little bit goes wrong, the frustration mounts and builds until I am working in a haze of pain and frustration and it feels like nothing has ever gone right or ever will go right.

Yes, I know that is a stupid feeling...I have an incredible wife, awesome family, great friends, and really a good life. But in that moment...well, sometimes it is hard to see the forest for the trees.

Ultimately, I DID get the tire back on, got both tires fully inflated, the Ipod is charging, I had some "delicious" Maruchan noodles, the dog got to play ball, and I am getting ready for bed.

The other 20 things I had to do tonight will just have to wait for another day.

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Riot Kitty said...

Poor Darth! Hope tomorrow is better. I am exactly the same about mechanical stuff (the frustration when it does not work, I mean.)