The rights of the one mean more than the rights of the many

The idea that lawsuits may be frivolous is hardly a new one.

Some of my favorites are on this list...the man suing himself, the woman suing Victorias Secret, and the idiots at PETA suing the wildlife division when they killed a deer with their car (HOW DARE the wildlife division work to cause more deer to be born?).

And, of course, the poster child of all idiocy, the woman who was surprised that coffee that people requested be made hotter at McDonalds than other places was...*gasp* hotter.

I love that she has defenders who even sound reasonable and convincing. I guess...

I mean, sure, I personally am never going to take any substance with the possibility of instant mouth or genital mutilation anywhere near my mouth or genitals. Particularly in an unsafe condition such as...oh, I don't know, while driving when I should be concentrating on that...

But what I particularly like about the mess is that people specifically state they were getting what they wanted...yet the majority must be prevented from getting what they desire because one dowager is too stupid to handle dangerous things responsibly.

Open memo to her family; if she is still alive, PUT HER IN A REST HOME before she steals any more rights/privileges from those of us with functioning brain cells.

So what started this rant about an out of date bit of court nonsense?

The fact that we may soon lose some cool features from Google maps.

My good friend Mr. Riot Kitty recently showed me a really nice feature on Google Maps....namely, bike maps.

Now, here is the thing about maps...sometimes they have errors on them.

They also come with warnings...such as
Bicycling directions are in beta.
Use caution and please report unmapped bike routes, streets that aren't suited for cycling, and other problems here.

The word "here" on the website links you to a place to report them.

Now, I like to think I am a reasonably intelligent individual. If I take the route they recommend, I am still going to use certain my eyes, ears and brain. If I happen to see a car coming, I probably will get out of the way.

If the route leads me to someplace I think is dangerous, I will ignore their suggestion and find another way.

Or I could just ride into traffic, get hit by a car, and sue Google for bad directions...

What is truly sad about this? I actually expect her to win, and if so...why would Google continue to provide this useful service which, I might free due to advertising. Lauren Rosenberg...I hope you lose. And if you are destined to win...I hope you follow some other directions and this time the car completes the job. Stop being an idiot.

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Riot Kitty said...

LMAO, but it's all so true! Funny, we were just laughing over that Google map disclaimer today.

But it wasn't worded exactly the same way as the bike one. So maybe I'll sue...

Incidentally, one reason I decided not to become an attorney is that none of the attorneys I know enjoy their job. I do think I would enjoy laughing at these idiots if they called my office, however.