It is all perspective

When the wife and I made our infrequent trips to the grocery store, prior to her move to Tennessee, I was cheap.

I always felt guilty about getting "nice" stuff for roast beef. I can take roast beef, a hoagie roll, some butter and cheese and make a real tasty sandwich.

But I felt bad because a package of roast beef is anywhere from 6 to 8 bucks...and that is a lot of money.

Never mind that a Red Robin/Olive Garden/Pizza Hut meal will be 15 - 18 bucks apiece.

Or that even a fast food meal at McDonalds (3.80), Taco Bell (5.05), or Burger King (5.49) is nearly that much....

It just always got me that a package of meat for 7ish bucks was A LOT to spend compared to say...bologna at 1.89.

Even there my cheapness gets me because I buy the cheap pack, not the one that is 3 bucks or so.

And today it hit me. Tomorrow will be the 4th meal I got from that package of meat. Tastes better, more filling, and more variety (depending on type of cheese I use/salt/etc.)....and arguably more nutritious, though with my food selections, "more nutritious" is at best a relative term.

Kind of like saying, "Oh, good, only 2' of my arm got amputated...I thought it was 26"".

Really, when you break down the cost, the delicious sandwiches I enjoyed this week, the chips, and the soda, each meal ended up costing me roughly $2.92. (Assuming I do not use the bread/cheese/butter for anything else) That is pretty inexpensive, particularly for something that tastes so good.

All of which makes one wonder...if I know all this, why, next time I go to the grocery store, will I be too cheap to pick up another package?


G said...

My lunch is much the same way.

Spam, cheap chips, cup a soup and a piece of fruit averages out to about $3.

We save our splurging for the weekends.

Riot Kitty said...

It's much healthier to make your own lunch, too. Maybe not with spam though ;)