Yesterday slept in til about noon. It was good, it was needed. It still left me time to go for a bike ride of at least 22 or 23 miles...w9ould have been more if not for a wrong turn. (By the way, RK, tell Mr. RK I am almost ready for the big Springwater ride. We jsut need to set up a day and starting point).

This morning got up earlier than usual, had a typical excellent message from Bro. Eason, got some painting and so forth done this afternoon, and about 9 tried to go to bed, tired.

Now it is almost 11 and I am wide awake. 5:45 comes real early in the morning.

What, exactly, do I have to do to to sleep like a normal human

(Early returns suggest...actually BE a normal human, but I meant something with a remote possibility of happening...)


Riot Kitty said...

I have no idea! I'd suggest exercise, but you did that already.

Last line is priceless, btw, and Mr. RK says ok dokey!

Anonymous said...

Well babe, we all know what will make you sleep better. Me coming home. It's so cute that with me in the bed next to you, you sleep more soundly. You're so stinkin cute!!