Aaaahhhh....must be true love

Many people feel the need to "spice up" their intimate moments. There seem to be many ways to do this, but Amy Ricks may have found the best one.

She put a blindfold on her husband. Okay, with you so far...anticipation, suspense, these can be useful tools.

She promised him a surprise. That is also good. Surprises, freshness, and continuing the theme of building anticipation.

And there is little doubt she was accurate in promising him a surprise. Who knows what he expected. It could be many things from gently scented candle aromas wafting through the room to...well, other things.

And she did deliver a surprise.

Which makes you wonder why she plead guilty to a second degree felony? Since when is it illegal to use circumstances like that to hit your husband in the head with a hammer a few times?

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Riot Kitty said...

Wow. Seriously?