What is "our culture"?

Went for a bike ride today. It was a bit too long I think...I have been riding intermittently for a couple weeks, and an hour has been my longest ride so it is not as if I am a long rider.

Yesterday I rode for almost an hour. Once before I rode twice in a three day period and that was intense. Today I went again...and ended up riding over 17 miles in 1:45. Safe to say I will have a sore seat tomorrow...

But anyway, as I was riding, I saw one of those idiotic signs that just gets my blood boiling. On the Centennial High School billboard it says something along the lines of "Diversity week starts tomorrow. Wear your cultures colors".

How idiotic can you get? Educators used to praise things such as Lincoln's insightful (and cribbed) maxim "a house divided against itself cannot stand".

We need to honor unity, not diversity.

Did we learn nothing from gangs wearing "their colors"?

I loudly and proudly proclaim I do not honor stupidity in the name of diversity. I honor unity and intelligence.

Different cultures have repeatedly and insistently demonstrated they do not interact well...that is why they are separated by borders.

Please, please, please show me where emphasizing different cultures has led to peace instead of violence and, what is the buzzword, "intolerance".

It hasn't.

It doesn't.

A lot of things people know are bad ideas or downright wrong are praised under the banner of "diversity". One can only hope that someday we honor unity instead.


Riot Kitty said...

What would my "culture's colors" be, anyway? If you get down to the DNA, I'm Apache, Swiss Jew, Polish, German, Irish, and Scottish. When it comes down to it, I'm just me. I'd like to be in a society where people just take or leave me for who I am, and not treat me differently because of my gender, ethnic background, or any other quality, other than whether or not I am a decent human being. With you on this one.

G said...



Something straight out of the dark ages (or at least the 1970's).

We should accept and be accepted for what we are, not the individual slices that make us, us.