Why do I do that?

For their third anniversary my youngest brother and his wife are going on a cruise, something she has always desired and that he, loving her, is willing to do.

Since they live a goodly way away from ye olde airport, they stayed at our place last night so I could take them to the airport this morning and they did not need to get ripped by the ridiculous rates at the airport parking garage.

So last night we met at Olive Garden, Tracy's fave restaurant.

Up comes the waitress with the classic bit of courtesy drivel, "How are you doing tonight?"

To which I, the kind-hearted, sweet, loving older brother replied, while pointing at my brother, "Not too good. He just took a home DNA test...and flunked it."

What is REALLY sad is that was not the worst line of the night.

Tracy was drinking water. After we had been there for a while hanging out and conversing, she decided she wanted a refill on her beverage.

"Can I get a refill?" she queried. "I know I have some left but," and here she pointed to the remnants of ice left after most of it had melted, "it is getting watered down."

All of which would have made more sense had she not been drinking....water.

How, exactly, do you water down water?

What is worse...we all knew what she meant. Not that is stops us from mocking her...

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