Family Pride

I am blessed to come from a family with above average intelligence and tremendous capabilities.

It starts with Mom and Dad. Mom, before she elected to marry a preacher and be primarily a home-maker/mother was rapidly ascending in the nursing and chemistry field. When we were being home-schooled, she easily demonstrated even complicated chemistry, trigonometry, and a host of other advanced educational items.

Dad has extensive education across a wide variety of fields and even as the ravages of time play with his mind, still finds people approaching him for explanations on a variety of subjects. Some of the more esoteric historical concepts I come up with are often missed by most people, yet he easily comprehends them.

I am a multi-time Deans and Presidents List student and memory of the History Honors society at PSU, my older sister had even better grades than I did, and my younger sister is doing phenomenally well at U of I.

But Phillip has something none of the rest of us kids of 8:50 tonight, he has his Associates Degree.

Way to go, little bro...super proud of you.

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Riot Kitty said...

Hey, for some reason this did not show up on my blog roll until now. Congrats to your bro!