Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Not really

Or at least, so they say.

And to be honest, the Goose being a couple thousand miles away does make me miss her. A lot.

But fonder?

I will have to argue...no, not really. How could I be fonder of someone who supports me in pretty much everything I do...who goes out of her way to see to it I am comfortable, who takes pains to see that I am happy, who learns what is important to me and works to see I have chances to do it, who knows some of my hobbies are really childish, but fun for me and instead of complaining, makes space for them...

I am extremely fond of her whether she is here or there. I hope to be doing for her even half of what she does for me, to be as good for her as she is for me.

But being around her is not a miserable experience. It is a wonderful experience.

I think that must be where the phrase came from...someone who mis-remembered their time with someone, distance and time made them forget, they got back together and realized they hated each other and decided the flaw was not their inability to get along...it was lack of space between them. Hence, distance makes the heart go fonder.

I am going to go a different way. It is not absence that makes the heart grow fonder. It is marrying the most awesome person walking the face of the earth. Goose missed out on that opportunity...but I nailed it.

Welcome home, sunshine.


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