Don't Steal this idea

I have previously offered to help those who, with IQs somewhere in the low 10s, still want to enter a life of crime but need help planning.

I mean, if you are doing things like returning to your attempted break in after the alarm goes off, you clearly need help.

I surely could have helped that guy. Or the many, many others I have seen who deserve the "Dumb Criminals" tag I use.

And it would be so easy...let me help you plan your crime. A few observatsions. Well, just one, really...

If you really, really must break the law, if you really think it is a good idea to say, rob a bank...whatever you say, whatever you do, DON'T call ahead to tell them you are coming.


Riot Kitty said...

No! Seriously? This outdoes...well, just about everything I've read so far. Even the guy who broke into the bank, took a jar of candy, and led the police to him via a trail of dum-dum wrappers.

G said...

You should also never leave behind a job application either.