Cell Phone Prohibition

One of the oft-cited complaints against prohibition was this; "It turns otherwise law abiding citizens into criminals."

Today alone in less than an hour of driving I saw no less than 4 people who are the antithesis of "the criminal type" breaking the law...the soccer mom driving the min-van, the middle upper class suit in the luxury sedan, the 20-something girl in the Honda Civic, and the non-descript lady in the non-descript car.

Talking on their phones. While driving.

And I found none of them as offensive or dangerous as the hot-rod kids weaving in and out of traffic in their beat-up black Honda Accord who nearly caused about 5 accidents and ended up taking the wrong exit because their attempt to pass in that lane failed and nobody would let them back in.

Nice work, Oregon. At least you got the taxes right...oh, wait...was that an ad for the Port of Kalama pointing out how superior they are for businesses with their lack of the additional taxes just imposed on Oregon business? oh, well, I am sure we will see no ill effects from that, either.

Oregon; home of the "free thinking, independent voter" who will outlaw or tax anything they do not like until we are back in the stone age.


Riot Kitty said...

Oregon has lower business taxes than 45 other states, including Washington. I'm pretty sure people in Kalama will offer to have sex with goats to get jobs there... or just for their own pleasure :)

As for the cell phone law, I'm feeling much safer on the road with fewer people swerving around because they're talking and not paying attention to their driving. Not everyone lets it distract them, but lots of people do.

Fullur said...

The thing is, we already had "safe driving laws" that covered erratic cellphone using drivers. It is not like anything has changed except that safe cellphone users are no longer allowed to do it.