So...some great news

Work update; on the bright side, I am back inside permanently where I belong.

On the downside, and this is the last time I shall speak of it because it really makes me angry and leaves me two choices; let it fester and burn, or just let it go and move on with my life.

If I do the first, innocent people suffer due to my attitudes and moods which makes the second choice the correct one.

On top of using vacation days...going over a month without getting paid even though they should have put me in a light duty position instead of sending me home under FMLA...the new GM, ignoring the agreement made when I went into the warehouse, unilaterally and without telling me decided to stop paying me my commission.

Since part of the promise made to me when the former GM asked me to temporarily and voluntarily move to the warehouse was I would be paid as what I was and am supposed to be, including might understand why I might be upset.

From my point of view, the company not paying me what is owed, much like the lost wages, is plain and simple theft.

From my side, I have scars from working out there...including one quite visible on my head...I ruined hundreds if not thousands of dollars in clothes working in the warehouse, destroyed my shoulder, kept my foot in a constant state of pain, unethically, unfairly, and borderline illegally lost thousands of dollars in wages when sent home under the FMLAA instead of put in a light duty position WHICH IS MY ACTUAL JOB TITLE AND RESPONSIBILITY and no0w, this slap in the face..."Well, you were not doing that job but were being paid for it."

Yes, that is correct. That was the agreement. It was not for my benefit but that of the company I went out there.

Too bad I do not pay the lottery. If I were to score a windfall, I would just not bother to show up. No calls, no letters, no warnings. If they screw me over like that, how good would it be to cause them just a tenth of the pain? I would love to have a day come when people were on vacation, I was desperately needed...and just not work there anymore.

And that is a very gentle side to the very dark, angry, bitter, malicious, spiteful deeds I would be capable of if i were to let this garbage they pulled on me fester. So this post will be my cathartic moment. Hopefully, it is a situation I will never mention or discuss again.

I can instead concentrate on the good things in life. My beautiful, awesome wife kicking boo-tay at Belmont. My great brothers and sisters, friends, and neighbors. Our cool dog that makes me feel so good with her enthusiasm at me just coming home of an evening.

Time to move forward. This chapter is closed.

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