Since yesterday your ears were bleeding...

What we really need is some good music on this blog.

In a shocking development, that means no Ashley Simpson.

No Jessica Simpson, either.

Not that there are not some good...scratch that, GREAT female singers, including young ones.

For example, in a controversial choice, I will say I truly enjoyed a lot of Britney Spears material before Madonna got her hooks into the Britster and finished off the whole ridiculous K-Fed/hair-shaving/tire iron wielding nut job portion of her tale.

Ever wonder how someone young, beautiful, and talented can turn into an oft-repeated punch-line? I mean, seriously, if the WWE wrestling writers gave a storyline that idiotic, repulsive, and banal to someone, the performer would have quite. But Britney went from the top to someone who is not considered safe for their kids to be around.

But it does not change the fact she had some songs that were pretty, bouncy, good harmony. Here is a fine example...with a twist.

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Riot Kitty said...

I love Craig Ferguson!