Congress out of control

One of the most-cited objections to Congress is they stick their nose where it does not belong. They legislate things the Federal Government was never supposed to have the authority for.

I have mentioned previously this world would be a very much better place if they were required to repeal a law every time they passed a new one. Follow the advice of Thoreu and "simplify, simplify" rather than adding layer upon layer of new laws.

I mean, bad has it gotten when they make a law that makes it illegal to, if you have a rival, throw gasoline on her and light her on fire?

I mean, really, what other option did Rianne Theriault-Odom have? It is not as if she could talk to Dos Santos, or just leave the situation alone. And when the law takes away the only remedy available to her...throwing gas on her and lighting her on fire...what options does she have left?

*Sigh* When will we stop passing needless laws?

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Riot Kitty said...

Just wow. BTW, my word verification is "tames."