Another paradise

Is there anything worse than referencing a Phil Collins song? They stick in your head, dominate your thoughts, and are never as good as you remember them. See also the Who's Halftime performance at the SuperBowl.

(It is a courtesy to your ears that I only included the BEST sounding portion...and it was painful enough)

Worst big moment music performance since the pre-game where Carrie Underwood managed to do the worst version of the Star Spangled Banner this side of Roseanne Bar, and the worst half-time show since Ashley Simpson caused ears to bleed and got booed singing her signature song at the Orange Bowl.

So why did I bring it up? No reason, really...just had not posted on here for a while and thought you might need to suffer.


Anonymous said...

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Riot Kitty said...

Still with the anonymous fucking spammers, eh?

I don't follow football but I heard the Who's performance was a bunch of old guys falling apart...

Fullur said...

I learned two things from the Who's halftime show: the CSI shows apparently all use Who songs as their themes, and guys that are older than the "Super Sunday" (since saying "Superbowl" would be infringing on a trademark even though people did it for years before the TM owner said anything) should not be doing the halftime show.

That has to suck (for Simpson), getting booed on that big a stage. Unfortunately, from the little section in the video, I would probably be with the booers....

G said...

Suffering? My good friend, this is not suffering.

Suffering is reading a post about how to program microfilm.

Which I wrote about in excruciating detail last year.