The dog is a pervert no doubt

On many fronts, Bella is a super cool dog. She gets so excited when I get home she does her little front paw jumping really makes me feel special. She has her little tail wagging, she is hopping up begging for attention, ecstatic to see me, happy I am

Problem is, she likes to be everywhere else I am, also...

Like, in bed she has to snuggle right up next to me. Which would be fine if she was appropriate about it. Say...spooning, or back to back.

But no, she likes to go head down and deep under the blankets. And never behind me.

For some odd, inexplicable reason, as if that were not uncomfortable enough...she starts licking.

Sometimes my knee, sometimes my ankle, sometimes not.

I mean not licking, you sicko.

Not that she WOULDN'T do what you were thinking...more that I keep that from happening.

Almost as bad is shower time. She is a sneaky little devil who always tries to sneak into the bathroom when I am about to take a shower. And she is good at it. Better, in fact, at sneaking in than I am at keeping her out.

So she likes to watch me shower.

I will have the curtain closed, water running when I hear it. I turn and, sure enough, there she is...standing on her hind legs, paws just over the lip of the tub, watching me with those big, limpid pools she calls eyes.

Nor does her gaze waver, her attention get turned...she just watches the whole time.

And heaven forfend I fail to completely dry off before exiting the tongue or there she goes leg-licking again.

It might be sexy if it was the Goose doing it, but since it is Bella it is just...weird.

So yeah...the dog is a pervert.


Riot Kitty said...

So I guess this means my cats are perverts also, because they love poking their heads in through the shower curtain. I thought it meant they were curious about water, but what do I know? :)

Anonymous said...

How sad. When I try to watch you shower you just spray me with water. Rude! -Goose