Alias Mark

One sometimes wonders how people reach certain ages and points in life without learning common courtesy. Case in point, a guy who used to be a customer at a previous job.

Since some of you might know Mark hopper of St. helens, I am going to use an alias for him to protect his identity. I will call about Marc Whooper from Goble?

I should preface this by sayin I really like Marc. Very nice guy, gregarious, friendly, intelligent, hard worker.

Now, one of the cool things about working out in St. Hele...err, in Goble is the pace was much different. Taking time to talk to customers was not just accepted, it was expected by both management and the customers. And those conversations may or may not have anything to do with the building industry.

To encourage this, we always had coffee and donuts sitting there at the counter. So the various customers would come in, eat a donut, drink some coffee, chat for ten or fifteen minutes...or a half hour...or an hour...we actually had people who hung out in the store for several hours a day.

It was so relaxed that a few times we even had customers help out "non-regulars" when we the staff were overly busy.

We knew them on a first name basis, had running jokes with several of them.

All of which makes this even funnier.

Now, before I get back to Marc, we need to give you a visual.

You know how it looks when you are driving in the snow, the wind is whipping it, so the snow, which may be falling slowly and gently, is coming at you at a 60 degree angle and very rapidly? It has a certain "look" to it that you know what I am talking about if you have ever driven in it.

It looks like it is coming at you horizontally, not vertically, and there is really no chance to avoid it.

Now...imagine that, except instead of driving, you are standing across the counter from someone eating a donut.

Yes, those are donut flakes, not snowflakes, coming straight at you.

Poor Marc...he never learned there need to be certain actions performed at different times. You do not talk when eating a donut. Finish chewing, swallow, THEN speak.

He was such a nice guy, you would think one of us would have said something. I can only imagine we didn't because we were having a hard time seeing through the donut spray.

Yes, there is no point to all this. I just thought the visual image was funny. Sorry that you wasted three minutes of your life reading this.


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Riot Kitty said...

BTW, to avoid spammers like the asshole above, change your settings to not allow anonymous comments :)

Anonymous said...

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G said...

I agree with R.K.

Changing your settings is the best way (short of moderating) to get rid of spammers.

Although I do like the broken english syntax of the one above me.

Oh yeah, that was seriously gross, and just a little bit funny too.